I'm Baaack!!

Starbaby Designs is back on the go! The quarantine has given me time to expand on what SD is all about! Plus, boredom is a great motivator!! πŸ˜„ So stop by often for lots more new Stuff coming up!!

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Stone Wood Antler Bone

Glass, shell, horn, and now, Polymer clay! Pieces as unique and whimsical as you are!!Β Β 

I love the beauty of the natural world, and the organic pairing of stone and bone, wood and antler, metal and clay, and all the combinations in between, inspires me to blend their energies into something more than the sum of their parts; a piece of art, as unique as you are, and yours to wear to let the world know!

A Bit About Me

Hi! I'm Wendy Starbaby, and I'm located in Owen Sound, Ontario. I love to create unique jewelry to enhance your own natural beauty and individuality!

For me, each piece is a little journey, and I never know where l'll end up, so each piece is a unique little tangent I've gone on, manifested into Being!Β 

Please feel free to contact me to help you create your own, one-of-a-kind statement to show the world just how unique you are! Or, if you like, scroll through my Star Stuff Gallery and check out some of my little tangents to see if I've already made a piece that inspires you!

What's New?

For some reason, I have mushrooms on my mind! Magickal, mystical beings they are! So I wanted to celebrate my love for mushrooms in the best, funkiest way I could! Voila! Mushroom accent lamp! I have plans for more of these bad boys, so keep checking back!Β 


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